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Cajun Mosquito Control, LLC


Cajun Mosquito Control, LLC is a locally owned, Acadiana Proud Company that provides services to Kill dem Skeeters!  Our practices included monitoring area quantities and species, spray treatments for mosquito elimination, larviciding for breeding site control, insecticide resistance testing & research, disease surveillance, and local public education of mosquito bite prevention and breeding site elimination.  We service local communities through local government, such as towns, cities & parishes.  We also service private businesses as seasonal or yearly services and special event occasions. 

Our Services

We provide integrated, customized mosquito surveillance and control management programs.  All services are customized to meet customers' budgetary requirements, mosquito problems, and location.


Residential Services

Through our parish, city, or town contracts; residents can request spraying at their location if the mosquitoes are worsening.  These spray requests must be approved by the governmental contract representative prior to spraying.

Business Services

We offer businesses mosquito monitoring and surveillance, spraying for adult mosquitoes, and larviciding for juvenile mosquitoes as required.  You can protect your property and employees from mosquito-borne diseases.

Special Event Service

For special outdoor events we can provide barrier treatments, spraying for adult mosquitoes, and larviciding for juvenile mosquitoes.  We can also provide surveillance prior to your event. No unwanted mosquito guest at your event.

Government Contracts

Parish/City/Town-wide monitoring and surveillance, spraying & larviciding while implementing an integrated mosquito management approach. We also offer local public education to prevent bites and breeding sites.

Ready to find out more?


Our Mosquito Control Technicians are ready to serve your requirements.  We provide quotes and requests for proposals to local governments, municipalities, and private businesses as requested.  Please contact us today and start enjoying your neighborhood again.  You can also contact your local government to implement or enhance a mosquito abatement program in your local area. 

The Best Mosquito is a Dead Mosquito!


Making Your Neighborhood Enjoyable Again!

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