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Why Choose Cajun Mosquito Control?


Go Outside & Enjoy Your Neighborhood Again!  We are local, experienced specialists in managing mosquito pests.  Without the worry of diseases, pesky bites, or buzzing in your ear; you can hang out in your backyard, wait for the school bus, jog your neighborhood, enjoy your company cookout, birthday party, or wedding. 


No Harsh Chemicals.  Our mosquito control insecticides' active ingredients are derived from flowers, plants and natural elements.  All products are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and La. Department of Agriculture & Forestry (LDAF).  All products are Pet Safe.


Professional Experience.  Our company has over 50 years combined mosquito control experience.  Our staff includes a biologist/entomologist born and raised in south Louisiana and we employ Louisiana State licensed mosquito control applicators, supervisors, and consultants.  We are serious about DEAD MOSQUITOS!


Options!!! Options!!! Options!!!  Our Services are CUSTOMIZED to meet your needs and requirements.  We offer One-time Sprays and Monthly Services for Private Businesses and Local Governmental Municipalities.  We always identify the mosquito problem, inspect the property for mosquito living and breeding sites and customize a recommended treatment plan.


Competitive Prices.  We are dedicated to keeping our costs as low as possible with maximum protection.  The cost of our services will depend on location, the size of your area, and other characteristics, such as the vegetation/landscaping that might harbor resting mosquitos and water sources that may be breeding grounds. 

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