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Mosquitos Info & Helpful Links


Remember the 5 D’s

DUSK & DAWN--Avoid being outdoors when mosquitos are most active.


DRESS--Wear long, loose, light-colored clothing that covers exposed skin.


DEET--Deet is a very effective mosquito repellent.  Choose a mosquito repellent that has been registered by the Environmental Protection Agency. Here are some rules to follow when using repellents:

·         Read the label carefully

·         Apply sparingly to exposed areas

·         Do not apply to clothing or face masks

·         Keep repellent away from eyes, nose and mouth

·         Avoid children’s hands when spraying; so repellent does not contact eyes or mouth

·         If reaction occurs, wash repellent-treated skin; call your doctor


DRAIN--Eliminate breeding grounds by removing standing water around your home including tarps, tree holes, bird baths, pool covers, gutters and any other containers holding standing water around your home.


Prevention is the BEST CURE to Fight the Bite!!

All pests look for three things

·         food

·         shelter

·         water

 Pest Control Prevents access to the pests’ needs!

Here are some things you can to deny them a place to bred.

REMOVE TRASH & CLUTTER—such as discarded tires, buckets, tarps and other items that can collect water.


MINIMIZE AND ELIMINATE STANDING WATER—Mosquitos require water to breed.  Removing water-holding containers or change the water often in containers such as bird baths, kiddie pools, outdoor pet water dishes, flower pots or in holes or tree stumps.  This helps prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs.

REGULARLY CLEAN GUTTERS—clogged drains and gutters can create backup water that breeds mosquitoes.


REPAIR SCREENS ON WINDOWS & DOORS—Make sure children know to keep the screen doors closed to keep mosquitoes from entering buildings.


MAINTAIN THE LAWN—Cut weeds and mow lawns to assure there isn’t standing water puddles on your lawn.

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