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Cajun Mosquito Control, LLC provides mosquito control and prevention services.  We offer spraying for adult mosquitos, disease, and nuisance mosquito monitoring, larviciding for the aquatic juvenile mosquitos, barrier treatments that will kill and repel mosquitoes in the parameter of your serviced area, and surveillance to obtain the maximum efficiency of our pesticide usage.

Our integrated mosquito surveillance and control management programs monitor the quantity, species, sex, and life stage of mosquitos in an area. This data is employed to customize a mosquito prevention program.  We also inspect the property for areas that may harbor mosquitoes or become potential breeding sites.  This allows us to maximize our services to ensure the correct pesticide types and amounts are employed for the most effective results.

Cajun Mosquito Control's services are extremely cost-efficient and successful at killing existing mosquitoes and repelling against imminent mosquitoes in your local area.  We provide contractual quotes and proposals for private businesses and local government municipalities as per request.  Our technicians will inspect and identify any potential problem areas (including breed sites and harborage areas) and discuss solutions with entity representatives to implement the most effective mosquito prevention experience.

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