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                Cajun Mosquito Control, LLC is a Mosquito Control company that practices: scheduled monitoring of parish-wide mosquito numbers, insecticide resistance, research, pest /diseased mosquito surveillance, and the education of mosquito prevention, eliminating breeding sites, mosquito bites, repellent usage and mosquito-borne diseases.  We operate for Parish governments, city municipalities and private business customers.

Help Prevent Mosquito Breeding!

Reduce mosquito breeding around your yard by draining or removing any container that may hold water such as: buckets, cans, flower pots, birdbaths, swimming pools, and old abandoned tires. 

Also, clean gutters regularly.

Avoid mosquitoes if at all possible, especially at peak mosquito activity times of dawn and dusk.

If one must be outdoors, apply an EPA approved insect repellent, such as DEET, and closely follow label directions.

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