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Our Story

Our Mission Statement is: Individuals enhancing the health and quality of life through the suppression of mosquitoes, other vectors, and pests of public health importance.

We provide mosquito control services for private residents, businesses, parish governments, and city/town municipalities.  In additional to spraying insecticide to eliminate mosquitos, our practices include: scheduled monitoring of mosquito numbers, diseased mosquito surveillance, mosquito elimination education, breeding site prevention, reduction of mosquito bites, repellent usage, insecticide resistance testing, research, and mosquito-borne disease control.


Our 50 years of company combined mosquito control experience provides quality mosquito control measures specified for any residential, business, parish, city or town needs.  We are dedicated to supporting our communities by hiring local personnel and shopping local businesses. 


We provide our quality services and competitive prices to all areas of South-Central Louisiana.   Cajun Mosquito Control, LLC offers clients high-quality equipment and latest advanced technologies for the most efficient integrated mosquito management solutions.  We operate based on faith, integrity and reliability.


Our biologist/entomologist, Ms. Joni Kernan, was born and raised in Acadia Parish and studied at LSUE for two years prior to finishing her degree in Biology at UL.  Other members of our staff consist of State Licensed Mosquito Control Program Supervisors, Mosquito Control Consultant and Mosquito Control Applicators.

We like dead mosquitos!!

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